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Canada’s Own Flotilla

Posted on | June 3, 2010 | No Comments

The conservative government launched today an investment program that could add up to 35 billion dollars in order to rebuild our naval forces. The amount will be spent over the next 30 years and invested in different businesses from coast to coast.

This said, the Canadian Forces have always done, on the whole, an excellent job. Our sailors deserve what’s best. We’re talking about a billion dollars a year here, which is far from scandalous. It is basically an announcement on the maintenance and upgrade of our fleet; nothing to cause too much of a fuss.

What worries me is what we are going to do with these new toys. We often invoke the necessity to patrol the northernmost parts of our territory, to defend the Northwest passage. The underlying motivation is of course the massive oil fields from which we would like to profit. As we have seen however, high sea oil extraction (the more so in such a hostile environment as the Arctic Ocean) is a risky endeavour at its best.

Furthermore, BP, the company responsible for the Gulf of Mexico disaster, is amongst the players interested by the Canadian north riches. What will be the purpose of our ships then? To protect private investment To remedy to their sometimes unforgiving blunders? To increase our addiction on oil and petrodollars?

No one is against virtue, nor against investment in shipyards. Nevertheless we should make sure that taxpayers will not be footing the bill for toys that may only be used for the benefit of private companies.


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