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Low-End Terrorism

Posted on | July 2, 2010 | No Comments

A small terrorist group (or an individual posing as a group, which is quite possible as well) bombed the entrance of an Army recruitment centre last night, in Trois-Rivières.

Following this act, an e-mail claiming responsibility for the crime was sent to La Presse. I’ll leave you the choice of reading or not this slate of crazy and disjointed arguments, simply follow this link.

Two things are obvious to the reader of the press release. On one hand, the bloated self-arrogance of the writer(s) who, beneath a jargon that tries to emulate leftist intelligentsia, pretend to be better informed, more intelligent and clearly apt to chose in the stead of the Canadian people. This pretentious belief, that the majority can only led to act through brainwashing and other manipulations, would be laughable if not punctuated here by acts of violence.

On the other hand, the utter lack of imagination of the crime’s perpetrators leaves one speechless. As mentioned in a previous article, this lack of imagination is exactly what leads to the apathy of the population; through this stupid and ignoble act, the terrorists made certain that what small remaining portion of the public opinion which could have favoured them would turn against them.

In fact, it only clearly demonstrates that any imbecile can build a bomb by browsing the internet for instructions. However, investing a considerable amount of time and energy to carefully marshal public opinion, engaging oneself in active politics in order to further the values we hold dear, in other words, the use of constructive means is anathema to these cowards.

This cowardice and intellectual and moral laziness is unforgiveable, and transforms the perpetrators of this act into the tyrants they are looking to condemn. There lies the paradox of low-end terrorism.


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