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Taste of Summer

Posted on | July 5, 2010 | No Comments

The return of the warm season also brings about, to our greatest pleasure, the return of fresh fruits and vegetables in local farmers’ markets. If you haven’t done so yet, seize this opportunity to fill your bellies with strawberries (if there are any left, given the early season), raspberries and soon, blueberries. Not to mention blackberries, elderberries and other locally grown fruits.

In order to benefit even more from this abundance, I have a few fruit bushes growing in the garden. Actually, I can’t enjoy them as much as I’d like given that my two children make sure to empty it on regular intervals. Actually, I remarked to my eldest son earlier today that the blueberries were growing into nicer hues, a sure sign that they would soon be ripe for the picking.

His answer? « True, but a friend at school told me they were only good for the birds. Those that are good for us are only in the grocery store.” Stunned, I asked whether he really believed this. He burst into laughter, but added that his friend did indeed believe this.

I try to teach my children about the realities surrounding the food we eat. Out of respect for those who grow it, on one hand, but also out of respect for the whole process. Food should not be a mass consumption item, and I am convinced that by having kids face early on the truth of the food chain they can share in this vision.

So do your children or friends’ children a favour, and make them happy at the same time: go berry-picking with them. They will understand that blueberries do not grow in plastic quarts while eagerly wolfing down their precious harvest. Furthermore, since our fruit growers have a lot of imagination, you will certainly discover interesting side-products that will enhance your meals and snacks.


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