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Dead, again???

Posted on | August 2, 2010 | No Comments

As a recent subscriber on Twitter, I had the surprise today to learn that, of all newsfeed submitted to my attention, the announcement of comedian Bill Cosby’s death stood right there on top of the list. I was stunned upon learning of this tragic event!

However, being naturally sceptical of internet news, I tried to confirm this using other media. And, no surprise there, I discovered that I had fallen to an insipid hoax (some even say the comedian could have authored it himself). Furthermore, it is the second time this year, and the fourth in recent history, that his eulogy is circulated on the web. It seems the trick was played on M. Cosby in 009 and 2006 as well.

Despite the fact that the Cosby Show played an important part when I learned English during my youth, I was wholly ignorant of the iconoclastic path followed by the man behind the comedy show. I am amazed today to find out he was a high school drop-out who, through his professional experience, realized the importance of higher education, and even completed a doctoral degree in 1976. His own peculiar use of humour aimed to bridge the racial divide, to promote strong family traditions and humanist values. These values shined at their brightest as he condemned capital punishment during the trial of his son Ellis’ murderer.

So I’m not only glad to learn that this announcement is but a tasteless prank, I’m happier still to have discovered previously unknown facts about his life. I would like therefore to seize this opportunity and share it with you while he’s still alive! Beyond eulogies, what we need now is humour and humanism!


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