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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Posted on | August 3, 2010 | No Comments

The conservative government, through his minister Stockwell Day, restated its intent today not to enforce the mandatory completion of the long census form. Thus Day now reminds me more and more of this strange character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, simply called the Voice of Sauron. This character has foregone all individuality, and even his face, in order to carry across his Master’s message.

But let us leave fantasy for a moment, since Stockwell Day delivered today another interesting bit of fiction, one which may be worthy of future anthologies. On another topic, the uselessly repressive and scandalously expensive approach of the conservatives to the fight against crime, the minister justified the increase in spending with an increase in undeclared crimes.

Strangely enough, the Honourable Minister had no statistics to support his argument. The Canadian Press amusingly pointed out that, on the one hand undeclared crimes would not result in convictions, and therefore would not justify a budget increase. On the other hand, according to Statistics Canada, the principal reason for not reporting a crime is that it is not perceived as serious enough. It obviously makes no sense jail your brother-in-law for this heated and drunken argument during your last family BBQ.

The ideological crusade of the ruling party keeps getting worse and worse. First restricted to occasional abusive comments, it then reached the undeserved public trashing of respected federal institutions (Statistics Canada) and has now attained the level of pure and simple fabrication of lies in order to support the party line. The government is making a mockery of democracy. The worst thing is that this comes from a minority government, one that could theoretically be overthrown by the opposition. The other parties have displayed a considerable lack in character by refusing to involve themselves directly in the matter. I cannot begin to envision what a majority Harper government would dare do.


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