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Once in a Red Moon

Posted on | August 25, 2010 | No Comments

August 27th is near, and on the arrival of this date yearly awakens a good old internet hoax. Indeed, there is a strange rumour going around the internet according to which, at half past midnight on August 27th, planet Mars will be so close to Earth that, gazing at the sky, we will see two full-sized moons.

Of course, numerous sites have teamed up to debunk this absurd claim (even NASA and Hoaxbuster chimed in). Even at its closest, Mars only has the appearance of a bright red star. This said, the smallest distance between the two planets was reached on August 27th… 2003! And nobody noticed anything special back then.

So don’t stay awake tomorrow, go to bed and sleep soundly. Unless one of your neighbours has the bad taste to climb on his roof and display his naked behind, you’ll only have one moon to stare at in the sky, that is, the one that has been making the rounds around planet Earth for billions of years.


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