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Religious Right vs Reason

Posted on | September 7, 2010 | No Comments

The events discussed below happened in the USA. This said, the problem of religious conservatism is obviously gaining steam north of the border, and I find it necessary to raise the topic here as well.

An array of social issues organizations is pushing forward a bill known as the Safe School Improvement Act.  The aim of this bill is to act against bullying and violence in schools. The bill, however, is under attack from a conservative American group known as Focus on the Family. Their motives? Amongst all the possible causes for bullying, sexual orientation is explicitly addressed.

The news clip above illustrates these folks’ rhetoric. The woman clearly does not dare to attack homosexuality openly on a neutral network (CNN) and has no substantiated arguments to raise against her opponents stance and data. She only repeats ad nauseam a sorry excuse which is rapidly shot down by a specialist actually working on the front lines, so to speak.

This sums up the problem, and the menace posed by the religious right: they are impervious to reason. In this case, a group is willing to sacrifice the well-being of millions of children (the dramatic consequences are obviously highlighted in the opening of the clip) in the name of obsolete ideology.

Fortunately, the school system in Quebec is more and more strongly separating church from state. However, it is essential to promote this fundamental break between two opposites, as obviously religious extremists have no intention to stop their assault on the respect of fundamental rights.


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