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Liberty Enlightening the World?

Posted on | October 27, 2010 | No Comments

Riding on the media frenzy in and around Quebec City and the surrounding countryside since the 400th anniversary, a bunch of would-be politicians recently gathered under the inspiring name of « Réseau Liberté Québec » (no English name seems to exist, nor is there an English  version of the site).

What kind of liberty is so proffered? Under the guise of individual responsibility and free markets, they demand lower taxes, the removal of the state’s spending power, a downsizing of government, and so on… You can of course read “individual responsibility” as “more money in my pockets” and “free markets” as synonymous with “the right to pollute as I want in order to do business”. The climate denying stance of the organisation is in any case clearly spelled out on their web site.

This would bring us back to a « to each his own » mentality, individualistic and self-centered. The obvious problem with this kind of freedom is that, should it be put in place, it would jeopardize another important aspect of our constitution: fundamental rights. The right to health and education would be challenged by a drop in the state’s revenue. I have no objections to private healthcare and schools, as long as decent services are provided to the entire population by the government, whose responsibility it is.

We’re talking about liberty, without equality or fraternity. In fact, we’re talking about a group of spoiled brats from an area that owes its economic strength to a strong government presence. We’ll talk about it while we can, since we can foretell a fate similar to that of the ADQ: a flash fire followed by an unequivocal display of amateurism.

They’re free to make that choice…


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