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Throwing Your Weight Around

Posted on | October 28, 2010 | No Comments

Two totally different news item related to McDonald’s restaurants were released today, underlining once more the love/hate relationship of the Western World with it most famous culinary icon.

First off, a Brazilian court granted a former restaurant manager who worked a number of years for the company a settlement of approximately 17,500 dollars. This was to compensate for an increase in weight in the man caused directly by his work, since he had judged necessary to personally sample the food’s freshness and overall quality. Twelve years and 65 pounds later, the judge ruled in his favour, but it is not yet known whether the company will appeal.

Then, MacLean’s magazine released the 50 best employers of the year in Canada. This annual survey, carried with the help of Hewitt, is completed by thousands of employees in order to know their level of satisfaction with their work environment, business management, career opportunities and so on. McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada are featured once again – they actually appear year after year in the top 50.

Obviously, while flipping patties for a few pennies more than minimum wage isn’t part of  your fundamental aspirations, the company has still found a way to implement and carry over its business model and values to its employees. In the end this should come as no surprise: given the impressive marketing resources at its disposal, it is understood that internal communications’ effectiveness must be out of the ordinary.

Would you trade this for your health, though? This is a choice which apparently not everyone is ready to make.


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