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How Far Will Democracy Go?

Posted on | November 15, 2010 | No Comments

Backed by Amir Khadir, a hitherto little-known Quebec political organization, the MCNQ, managed to post on-line, on the website of the National Assembly no less, a petition asking for the resignation of Premier Jean Charest, citing his lack of action in the matters of shale gas, of the 2010 budget and mostly, of corruption and influence peddling between the political world and the construction industry.

Follow this link to find the petition, which is quite official.

In all honesty, the MCNQ’s page is not the most serious page in this political universe (go see by yourself) but let’s give them their dues: they succeeded where many others have failed.

This popular vote (earlier this evening more than 20.000 persons had already signed) will reveal exactly just how far participative democracy extends in this nascent twenty-first century. Obviously, nobody really expects Charest to resign. However, a sufficiently strong display of public opinion could force him to reconsider his position, chiefly on the matter of corruption. Honestly nobody expect shale gas or the budget to stir such an intense debate in the province by themselves.

The Quebec Municipalities’ Union followed suit today, and clamoured for the launch of an inquiry commission on corruption in the construction industry. It remains to be seen whether these pressures, followed by the flash fire spread of the petition through social networks, will usher Quebec into a new democratic era.


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