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Religious Right Vs Reason (followed)

Posted on | November 23, 2010 | No Comments

Here are fresh new from our neighbours to the south. First off, the short clip below is slowly spreading across the blogosphere. It portrays a man who lost custody of his children because of his religious convictions. He is an agnostic, his ex is a Christian. This was motive enough for some judge in Indiana to hand over full custody to the mother.

Then there is the story of this Muslim community, growing strongly for the past few years in some remote corner of Tennessee. When it decided to build a new community centre as well as a mosque, it was targeted with acts of vandalism and repeated threats, and was even on the receiving end of a lawsuit where the plaintiffs alleged to be “harmed by the risk of terrorism”. In Tennessee? Read it yourself on The Economist’s website

While we are not there yet, it is vital to understand and state out loudly that the right to freedom of religion is also a right to freedom from religion. It is not a default setting of human society, but a add-on characteristic which influence should never reach the public sphere.

Finally, I’d like to share with you this wonderful text found in the Scientific American. You will learn of the path to spiritual enlightenment of a woman… following here experiences with hallucinogenic substances derived from toxic mushrooms.


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