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The Envelope Game

Posted on | November 24, 2010 | No Comments

The feeling of uneasiness which is spreading quickly within Quebec’s political world intensified in the last few days with the remarkable statement of defeated PLQ candidate David Grégoire. He claimed to have received and accepted on two occasion envelopes containing large amounts in cash. This of course goes against electoral law.

We should also mention the words of entrepreneur Paul Sauvé regarding conservative minister Christian Paradis. According to the businessman, organizing events to the party’s benefit, as well as a substantial kickback on federal contracts were necessary conditions to win minister Paradis’s requests for proposals.

The municipal world was not left behind, however. Hints of illegal financing during his 1998 Montreal mayor campaign forced former police chief and head of the anti-trust unit Jacques Duchesneau to temporarily step down from his job.

The clear win for the most careless and most revealing blurb goes to backbencher (read “useless MNA”) André Drolet who threatened Amir Khadir with these words: “Amir, we’ll look into your past” and “We’ll get you, one of these days”. This leads us to believe that all MNAs and MPs (at least, according to Mr Drolet) necessarily have dirty money on their mind when the time comes to finance their electoral campaigns. Not surprisingly, Mr Drolet was quickly brought back to reason and subsequently apologized for his words.  

Well, small envelopes seem to abound at all level of our political spectrum. This did not prevent the Charest government from surviving (barely) a no-confidence vote today in the National Assembly. Won by a thin majority of 4 voices, this means only three turncoats would be sufficient to bring about the PLQ’s fall and return the entire province to the polling booths. If Charest persists in his refusal to listen to the majority which clamours for an inquiry commission, the solidarity displayed by his MNA will quickly erode; this hypothesis may then prove very likely.

We can safely bet that envelopes are already being filled as we speak…


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