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What Did Not Happen in 2010

Posted on | December 28, 2010 | No Comments

The strangest predictions are always made at the beginning of the New Year. However, few remember them clearly when it its time to look back on the year that ended! Here are a few events which did not happen in 2010, just so we can summarize local and global news.

1) A man-made black hole did not lead to the end of the world. While that may seem pretty obvious by now, many people, including scientists, were worried about the high speed experiments held in the world’s largest particle accelerator, the LHC (located beneath France and Switzerland). According to their hypotheses, hitherto unachievable particle collisions would create a microscopic black hole, which would then suck up the surrounding matter and eventually destroy the planet. Ironically, some even forecast the end of the world for December 21, 2012… To their disappointment, there is no reason to believe it will still be there on the 22nd…

2) The end of corruption in Quebec is nowhere in sight. Actually, given Jean Charest and Friends lack of willingness to launch an inquiry commission to measure the full importance of corruption in all aspects of Quebec’s public affairs, notably the construction of infrastructures, we can hardly envision things getting better in 2011. Unless journalistic or police investigations reveal a fraud as sizeable as to make this government fall, or at least change its mind on the matter.

3) The Montreal Canadiens did not fall apart following the trade of Jaroslav Halak. Nobody forecast much of a future for Carey Price following disastrous results in 2009-2010. The hysteric reactions around Jaroslav Halak during the playoffs were matched only by the media frenzy once he was traded off. Carey Price quickly reminded everyone why he was still the number one goalie for his team.

4) Osama Bin Laden is still nowhere to be found. In what has got to be the most expensive game of « Where’s Waldo » every played, the Western World arch-enemy hasn’t yet been captured. Is he dead or alive? No one can tell. Meanwhile, Al Qaeda tries to pursue its reign of terror, but has diminished a great deal and is no longer the scarecrow that it was following September 11th.

5) We still haven’t found life elsewhere in the universe. We have however found a great number of exoplanets, some of which could theoretically harbour life as we know it. There is one slight problem: life as we know it is no longer as we knew it. Bacteria thrive on arsenic, the age of the oldest pluricellular life forms on Earth has been pushed back to 2 billion years, and the building block of life can be created in a confounding variety of environments.  

So, dear readers, what are your non-events for 2010?


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