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Winter’s Delight

Posted on | December 29, 2010 | No Comments

I’ll indulge myself, as the year ends, and write a somewhat more personal blog post. While yesterday was a time for yearly reviews, it is now time for me to look back on my own resolution for 2010. Please excuse this self-interested episode!

Like all Québécois, I have a very strong love/hate relationship with the cold season. After a few decades of silent suffering (and freezing), I’ve resolved earlier this year to tame winter. To tame, as St.Exupéry wrote in The Little Prince, means « to establish ties ». So I got quite attached to our wintery clime (insert traditional jokes about tongues stuck on frozen lamppost here). Motivated by the sudden insight that I didn’t had winter so much as I hated cold, I got out to move a little, so I would keep warm

Once I’d finished destroying a pair of casual city boots, I took a few seconds to rethink the entire concept. After all, you need comfortable and appropriate gear to survive in these harsh conditions. So I suited up from head to toe, or from tuque to boots, if you prefer. And I went back outside. I skied for the first time in nearly twenty years and didn’t fall (well, almost…). Happy, virtuous, in deep symbiosis with my environment, I could picture myself as a modern day Amundsen and was considering hooking up my gecko for a sleigh ride (I don’t own Huskies) when Spring suddenly fell upon us.

So I put my resolution aside for a while, but the falling snow in the past weeks forced me to reconsider. Did I, cheerful and in high spirits, head outside to cavort in the snow banks! Hell no! I went outside to shovel the driveway. Remembering that we ha dit kind of easy in the first few months of 2010, my grumpy nature quickly took over. But by some miracle I wasn’t cold, although my back hurt a little… nothings perfect, I guess…

Anyway, these last days quickly reminded me that time flies, and my resolution still held! So, under a glorious sun (while the East Coast was buried under 14 feet of snow at least) I went for a stroll in the natural parks in my area. I wasn’t cold. My back didn’t hurt. I concluded that winter isn’t so bad after all.  

So I kept my word this year. It takes an exception to confirm the rule, you might say, but I still need a new resolution for 2011. I’m considering either finding other reasons to be grumpy, or not laughing at helpless French and Americans every time they are caught unaware by a snow storm.


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