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The Food Guide (with Minor Modifications)

Posted on | January 27, 2011 | No Comments

I like to drop in casual conversation that Canada’s food guide should revise its classification of food groups. Thus, my version, while still involving four different groups, matches more closely North American culinary preferences: fat, salt, sugar and caffeine. Most food items (some cuts of meat excepted, maybe) can actually be linked, sometimes with a little imagination, to one of these new groups.

Unfortunately, while I put this forward in a humorous manner, it seems that many parents actually use the same classification system unconsciously. This explains why Cyberpresse links to  an article on American children food preferences. Unsurprisingly, we learn that parents with preferences for fat, salt and sugar bestow these tastes unto their own children. We also learn that children learn very early on to recognize the specific taste of food items from junk food chains, which will not be a shock for most parents of young children.

In fact (and was it necessary to study this in order to report it?) we realise that children’s food taste develops according to what kind of food they are in repeated contact with. Nothing prevents children from craving salmon just as they would crave chocolate. Or even combine both, which my eldest once did to my utter dismay, but to his obvious delight!

Let’s use this as a reminder to promote and put forward healthy food for all new parents. Their own habits will soon be a major influence on their children’s.


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