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One Man’s Blessing Is Another Man’s Curse

Posted on | February 1, 2011 | No Comments

There’s a lot happening in the news – trouble in the Middle East, second anniversary of the Journal de Montréal’s lockout, rumours of upcoming federal elections and pre-budget negotiations… hey, what happened to the widespread protest against Jean Charest, which had made so many front pages by the end of 2010? Where is the public inquiry commission on corruption?  

The Premier is finally breathing a little easier. First, the recurring theme of corruption in the construction industry was all but removed from the public’s mind, not only because of the event mentioned above, but also by the Tucson, AZ, shooting, by sporting events such as the upcoming SuperBowl, etc. The sudden turnaround of the liberals on the question of shale gas also contributed to this diversion.

 Furthermore, the Marteau Squad, which is doing an important job of unearthing corruption at all government levels, may be jeopardized by the work conflict with provincial crown attorneys. Oddly enough, the Minister for Justice doesn’t seem too hurried to settle this specific issue.

 Obviously, the focus on the next federal budget and possible elections should it be rejected by the opposition helps Charest as well. Sales tax harmonization has channelled all of Gilles Duceppe and Pauline Marois’s energies. The PQ’s leader also has other worries: the party’s congress and its now traditional troublesome vote on her leadership is due this April (where are the former bosses?) and Marois has very little to offer following last December’s painful reminder of the Michaud affair, and the inconclusive results of the inquiry commission into the appointment process for judges.

 I’d like to remind you of the ADQ, but there isn’t much remaining of the ADQ. There isn’t a lot happening on Quebec Solidaire’s side either – after the faux-pas which led him to boycott a shoe store, Amir Khadir seems to have resolved to be a bit more quiet in 2011.

There is no doubt about it : Jean Charest is a wily old fox. We can talk about it some more – when the next scandal erupts!


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