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Will the Real Green Party Please Stand Up… (and Leave)

Posted on | April 19, 2011 | No Comments

My ecological sympathies cannot be doubted. I’ve devoted a good chunk of this blog to the environment; I try to live in a greener fashion every single day (as you may have read) and to make as many people as I can aware of this issue – while trying not to scare off my friends! Nevertheless in the current circumstances I must be as much a pragmatist as an idealist, and accept the evidence: the Green Party must bow and leave the federal stage, at least for the coming elections

The forecasts made on the blog are insightful in this regard. Every day, you can see projected parliament seats distribution in the country, and by province, according to the most recent polls. One has to admit that in many cases, a heated race would benefit from a strategic call to voters. 

The Green Party never, ever had a single MP elected. It will in all likelihood not win any seat at the coming election. In fact, it probably won’t win a seat until a proportional representation system is set up in Canada (which means, never). But its 5.8% voters across the country could help a liberal or new democrat candidate win his or her election and, who knows, make a few suggestions into the right ears in the event of a coalition government.

The Conservative Party, which was forecast to win a majority government when the elections were called, is gradually losing steam in voters’ intention. It will once again end up forming a minority government on May 3, but the endorsement, by the Green Party, of those candidates who have the best chances at defeating Harper could weaken the Conservatives even more.

In all honesty, this is probably the only gesture that Elizabeth May could make right now to help the environment.


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