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Marriage of Convenience

Posted on | May 1, 2011 | No Comments

Is springtime, this seasonal celebration of love, having some influence over the events of international politics? It seems that marriage is becoming fashionable again, a tradition which was after celebrated exactly 225 years ago on this day when Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro was created. Let’s see what other unions are in the making nowadays…

Should we mention once more the princely wedding of William and Kate? Even the staunchest antimonarchist Americans could not help but to fawn over the couple in front of their TV screens for the occasion. An estimated 2 billion persons watched the event – I had no idea that so many people on the planet had such a live access to British social life! This wedding happens shortly before the anniversary of the 1707 Act of Union, which brought together England and Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Other marriages are a lot less romantic, it must be said. Thus in the Palestinian territories, the long time enemies of local politics (the Hamas and the Fatah) finally declared that they would form a national unity government, much to the dismay of the USA and Israel. This readily demonstrates that the Arab Spring has now been firmly reclaimed by Arab populations everywhere – we can easily foresee a new chapter in international relations.  

Closer to home, the elections held tomorrow may forcibly wed two more or less willing partners. As Stephen Harper likely will lead a new minority government, the Liberal Party and the NDP can’t wait to overthrow the Conservative reign and seize power after all these years. Expect an uneasy engagement and a very short honeymoon – there is little love lost in Canadian politics!

This said, if national or international politics are of little interest to you, do discover (or rediscover) Mozart’s opera, who has so far outlived many marriages and coalitions…


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