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Now that Harper Is in Power

Posted on | May 3, 2011 | No Comments

Well, if I can have a laugh or two off Osama Bin Laden, who is still dead so far, I might as well do the same at Stephen Harper’s expense, as unfortunately he is as alive as ever this morning. So, all together now, now that Harper is in power:

  • Will Maxime Bernier become Minister for the Status of Women?
  • Will they build a mega-prison in Harper’s riding? After all, it’s hard to escape the law when you try to run away in tar sands…
  • Will the next villain in the Star Wars series be called Darth Harper?
  • Will they find the fossilized remains of Fred Flintstone in Alberta, thus proving creationist “theories”?
  • Will Bev Oda even bother lying to Parliament, or will the Conservatives drop their hypocrite’s masks and admit openly that they don’t really give a damn about democracy and respect?
  • Will Obama invite him to spend the summer vacations with his family?
  • Will he still torture our ears with pitiful attempts at demonstrating some humanity by singing and playing along on the piano?
  • Will a donation to the CBC become a tax-deductible charitable contribution?
  • Will a donation to the Republican Party become a tax-deductible contribution to a recognized political party?

And finally, to sum up this non-exhaustive list : now that Harper is in power, how much time until Conservative censorship shuts down blogs promoting other values, such as freedom of speech?

Your turn: Now that Harper is in power…


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