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In Your Face, Climate Deniers!

Posted on | May 16, 2011 | No Comments

Major setback for climate deniers: one of the landmark articles of this movement has just been repudiated by the Journal that published it, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. The article, signed by Edward Wegman, indeed turned out to be mostly plagiarized and had been targeted by numerous complaints concerning the peer reviewing process.

The irony here is that the article was inspired by a previous controversy, the publication of e-mails from the scientific community which could lead some to believe there was collusion in favour of global warning. This pseudo-conspiracy theory was later disproved, which still does not prevent soothsayers throughout the world (including in Quebec the ever-useless Réseau Liberté Québec) to pursue their efforts pretending that global warming is a myth. The lack of ethics was obviously not where we were looking for…

Unfortunately the situation is not about to change. Time magazine revealed today that 57% of Americans no longer believe higher education to be a good return on investment,  and 75% believe this kind of education out of their financial reach. But the capacity to recognize and understand the scientific method and the peer-review protocol depends greatly on college level education. 

Meanwhile the proofs of warming and of its nasty side effects keep on accumulating. The most violent storm ever to hit the Arctic in the past 1000 years would be its most recent highlight. I invite you to toss these few bits of information in the face of any climate deniers you may meet.


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