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A Snake Biting its Tail

Posted on | July 22, 2011 | No Comments

It’s official : the director for penal and criminal cases will appeal of the no-responsibility verdict handed out in the Guy Turcotte trial. His reasons were summed up briefly to the press and he refuses to give any further explanations. More than a year could go by before we know if this appeal will even be heard.

This lack of information will be fodder for chronicler, commentators and week-end jurists who will be comforted in their conviction that Turcotte is ultimately guilty. But for the rest of the population it is basically useless. I had expressed previously my deep desire to understand the reasons motivating the verdict, and stated my belief that justice had a duty to broadcast them sufficiently. Yet apparently we will need to wait at least one more year, probably more if this appeal makes its way before the court.

This case, just like Claude Robinson’s, allow us to glance that the wide chasm which is forming between the administration of justice and its professionals, on the one hand, and the population as a whole, who feels helpless in the legal maze.

Nobody appears ready to step out of a comfort zone, to grab the bull by the horns or build a bridge across this chasm. It is regrettable indeed, for when citizens become disenfranchised with official justice, they take matters into their own hands, with obvious disastrous results. Just like a snake biting its own tail, you only realize things are going wrong after you’ve been entirely sucked inside.


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