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A Time for Tomatoes

Posted on | August 4, 2011 | No Comments

It’s tomato season again. They are slowly ripening in my garden. Enjoy them in salads, burgers, salsa, etc. Past a certain stage of maturity they also become excellent projectiles. And as luck would have it we have no shortage of targets these days. Here goes:

  • One tomato to Sam Hamad and his poor crisis management following the events on highway 720
  • One tomato to the Conservative government for the scheduled destruction of Environment Canada following cuts laying off 11% of the workforce (and why not lower the income of MPs, ministers, political staff and other of 11% too?)
  • One tomato to the enraged readers of newspapers across Canada who saw in Nycole Turmel’s past association with the Bloc Québécois nothing but an excellent opportunity to unleash their latent racism
  • One tomato to the international community which looks idly on while civilians are massacred in Syria, and keeps on acting with extraordinary slowness in Libya
  • One tomato for President Barack Obama who did not have the political guts to bring Tea Party representative near the chasm of their own contradictions and accepted to raise the debt ceiling without raising taxes in turn.

I’ll soon run out of ammunition; if only these tomatoes where as agressive as those in the classic movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes…  So instead, just because it’s you, I’ll end with a very tasty excerpt:


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