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When the World Teaches Quebec a Lesson

Posted on | September 3, 2011 | No Comments

O Corruption! When you hold us it is not always easy to escape from your iron grasp. For months now the province’s voters have repeatedly demanded of its ruling elite a public inquiry commission on corruption in the construction industry. This week we finally saw the police to work but, oddly enough, it wasn’t at the Charest government’s bidding!

In fact it is the RCMP which, on a request from the World Bank, got a search warrant in order to rummage through the offices of one of Quebec Inc.’s most highly praised company, SNC-Lavalin, in a case that concerns the construction of a bridge valued at 1,2 billion dollars in Bangladesh.

For ethical reasons, given that I have acquaintances linked with both institutions, I will not explicitly comment this precise case. One thing seems clear, however: outside of this province, no one is going to hold back if there are any suspicions regarding deals involving such great sums.

Every year in Quebec are handed out give or take twenty billion dollars worth of infrastructures contracts, split between public and private investments. The World Bank did not hesitate to request the RCMP’s help for a matter 1,2 billion. Can someone explain to me why the government hasn’t been doing the same thing, yet?

Cynics will reply that the question holds its own answer. Nevertheless once again we collectively take the ostrich’s posture, head planted firmly in the sand as the rest of the planet is kicking our behind. I’m somewhat tired of being associated to buffoons. What about you?


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