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Corruption: In Your Face

Posted on | September 14, 2011 | No Comments

Sometimes news, with perfect timing, coincide and allow us a crystal-clear view of any given situation. Today, the nefarious involvement of the Liberal government in the matter of corruption in the construction industry filled all the media space. And what we all suspected started to take a precise shape: totally gangrened by corruption, we are currently the victims of a state warring against itself.

First off, Montreal’s French daily La Presse mentioned this morning the hardship caused to the  permanent anti-corruption unit by the provincial bureaucracy. These administrative difficulties have led to the resignation of many investigators and through this lack of expertise literally castrated this watch dog of government expenses. Later on Cyberpresse the president of the Treasury Board defended herself against these allegations, stating that she did all she could to remove these obstacles, without stating any precise date or firm engagement.

By the end of the day, the French CBC unveiled the content of a secret report from the same unit.  The picture is jarring: large-scale fraud by all players in the industry, money laundering, embezzlement in order to reallocate the sums paid with government money to the financing of political parties.

Should we trust a corrupt state to investigate itself? It doesn’t make any sense at all. This is why we need a public inquiry commission, in order to remove the examination of this situation from the unwanted influence of political parties, both the PQ and PLQ. If the evil is spread throughout the system, the healing process must be a public one. The abscess has to be pierced in plain sight, and no one must enjoy any immunity whatsoever against blame and shame.

We should also mention the vitally important work of journalists who are able to probe into the heart of the matter and, hopefully, will keep on shedding light on this matter.


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