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Old Age and Mastery Over Time

Posted on | September 25, 2011 | No Comments

Our travels often cause us to make unforeseen encounters. Thus as I was crossing the Atlantic towards the Old World, I found myself in an overbooked plane, stuck like sardines next to my two neighbours, an older couple approximately my parents’ age. Given our physical proximity and since I’m generally a rather social guy, we soon began an interesting discussion.

I therefore learned, to my great surprise, that they were on a trip in order to commemorate the man’s seventieth birthday, and the fiftieth anniversary of their first encounter. My parents are much younger than that – these two obviously do not look their age. What is their secret?

I discovered as we kept talking that their love began as they were both studying abroad, in the city which was my final destination (unfortunately not as a tourist!). The charming lady even apologizes, sort of: “We’re doing this trip to celebrate our early years. It’s a bit nostalgic, I’m sorry to say.”

But it is not nostalgic at all, of course. It would only be nostalgia if they weren’t fully savouring the present, which they seem to manage without any difficulties. In fact, here is a couple that has triumphed over time, whose loved sailed through the decades, remaining just as strong. We could even say without fear of exaggerating that, actually, it is time which travelled

around them.

Is that the secret, their fountain of youth?

Know, anonymous couple, that you taught me a wonderful lesson today. I can only hope to one day have a similarly joyous relationship with time!


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