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My Province, a Zoo…

Posted on | October 6, 2011 | No Comments

Depending on your favourite metaphor, Quebec this week will remind you of a zoo, a circus, an asylum or a henhouse! The chaotic moves of various people involved in the construction industry (and its numerous scandals) make for a scripted soap opera of little originality but quite entertaining.

If only for the lawsuits that were launched around the province we would already have our fill. Tony Accurso sues TVA since Richard Martineau jokingly associated him with the mafia. He seeks compensation for attacks on his reputation but, between you and me, the damage had been dealt long before this TV show. Jean Lapierre, of TVA, sues Pierre Sormany of the French CBC, who associated him with no less than… Tony Accurso! TVA is also trying to intimidate Jacques Duchesneau, who pointed the finger at them, and was promptly served a formal notice.

Meanwhile the RBQ is abandoning the fight against one of Accurso’s company, which already pleaded guilty to fiscal evasion, and rewarded it instead with over 100 million dollars in contracts. What remains of the ADQ did a rare piece of brilliant work in highlighting the incoherent internal organization of the RBQ.

In order to draw attention away from this conflict, the minister of labour tried to remove the control of work sites from the unions. The latter promised war, and conveniently forgot that a former FTQ president used to spend his vacation on a splendid yacht owned by… Tony Accurso, again! The minister aims to hand over this responsibility to the Quebec Construction Board, probably thinking that if dirty money is handed around, the government might as well have its slice of the pie.

I’m not even talking about the million dollars worth of contract handed out without calls for submission by Hydro-Quebec, and the back and forth motions of Jean Charest on a potential public inquiry commission on corruption in the construction industry.

Are you lost? I have a feeling that this is the purpose of all these people…


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