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Quadruple First-Degree Murder for Dummies

Posted on | October 26, 2011 | No Comments

It is not customary for me to find someone guilty before the end of the trial. I know that I, just like the public at large, can be swayed by the emotion of the moment, and I would rather stay away from the tar and feathers. So I would never dare comment on the guiltiness of the surviving Shafia family members. However, the proof put forward in the past few days demonstrates that whomever committed murder did so in the most amateur of fashions.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far :

  • A thirteen year old girl was behind the wheel
  • The driver’s seat was completely reclined and did not allow anyone to drive.
  • Before the crime, a family member had searched Google to find « the best place to kill someone »
  • And the prosecution apparently has recorded incriminating conversations…
  • The motor wasn’t turned
  • The vehicle was not going fast (it was in first gear) and never braked
  • While the family trip involved 10 people, motel rooms were booked for only 6 persons on that night
  • Scrap pieces from a collision between the two cars belonging to the family where found on the crime scene, and linked to the two vehicles
  • The damages on each car are consistent with the hypothesis that one car would have pushed the other into the river
  • The impact was not strong enough to activate the airbags

To sum things up, the alleged murderer(s) were apparently greatly neglectful before, during and after the crime. No matter what the verdict will be, we can already proclaim one thing: all this publicly disclosed accumulated proof will be very useful… to the next person planning first degree murder.

Today’s lesson: shut up and clean up after the act.


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