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Freedom Day…?

Posted on | November 9, 2011 | No Comments

November 9 marks the fall of the Berlin Wall. The triumph of West over East, of Capitalism over Communism. Of course, Americans were quick to claim the credit for this victory, elevating Ronald Reagan to demigod status as the architect of this success. This was made official exactly 10 years ago by George W. Bush, who decreed November 9 as “World Freedom Day”.

It has to be reminded that the USA were then carried away in excess patriotism caused by the horrors of the previous September 11. This said, 10 years later, we could take a step back to look at this entire issue once again.

In 1989, protesters in Berlin screamed their joy when the wall fell. Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd singer, would hold 8 months later a famous concert: “The Wall – Live in Berlin” in front of 450 000 fans. Today in 2011 we care less about the Wall – the only wall youth cares about is Wall Street, diligently occupied for the past few weeks.

In 2011, the West got dragged in  war against the Afghan Taliban with the pretext of freeing the country from this fundamentalists, but mostly to capture Osama bin Laden. In 2011, Osama bin Laden is feeding fish at the bottom of the ocean, almost everybody got out of Afghanistan as fast as they could and, back there, they are talking about sharing power with the Taliban in order to end the conflict…

In 2011 emerging economies, amongst which stand formerly proud communist nations (China, Russia) are called upon to play a more important role in the rescue of the shaken European financial system, as it is shaken by an unprecedented crisis. China, need I remember, is already the USA’s main creditor.

It’s World Freedom Day. New found freedom, you said?


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