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Getting Rid of Boisvenu

Posted on | November 17, 2011 | No Comments

Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu seems to get quite a thrill appearing on front pages recently, not only commenting on an ongoing trial against a presumed sex offender but also giving lessons to Quebec’s Minister for Justice. Enough is enough! Warning – this will be rather vitriolic…

What bee stung Boisvenu? Everybody is aware now of the tragic story of his daughter, killed by a repeat offender following a sexual aggression. The man has been leading ever since a crusade to have the rights of victims, and of victims’ families, given some recognition. This cause has its merits in the light of the physical and psychological effects caused by crime.

Unfortunately the open wound became infected by an unwanted germ. Stephen Harper saw the sad need for attention of this unfortunate person. Through flattery and sheer political calculation he granted him a soapbox – unfortunately the proximity of power got to Boisvenu’s head.

Boisvenu’s crusade thereafter transformed not in a quest for victims’ recognition, but in a raw struggle against criminals of all kinds. Unfortunately this also includes presumed criminals – those who haven’t yet been found guilty following a fair trial. This struggle is carried on at the expense of common sense and basic scientific evidence.

Minister Fournier, in a strong statement (I must tip my hat to the minister’s hard work against bill C-10) did not hesitate to remind him so. Boisvenu replied that Quebec was a “soft on crime” province. Clearly Boisvenu has lost all contact with reality. His tragic story, and the tragic stories he encountered as founder of the Murdered or Missing Person’s Families Association, made him forget that the crime rate, especially that of youth offenders, is lower in Quebec than anywhere else in the country.

The senator was also bold enough to criticize a ruling by Justice Doyon to begin anew the trial in the case of Jacques Vachon, presumed sex offender badly defended by his lawyer. Even though the proof is pretty solid, the judge stated that not only justice had to be impartial but also had to be seen as such by the public, hence the need to start from scratch again. The outcome will obviously be the same and Boisvenu immediately jumped to take the victims’ stand. Even though we all acknowledge the immense suffering of the victims, the fairness and appearance of fairness of our judicial system affects us all and does indeed bear precedence over anything else.

This does not matter anymore for Boisvenu. In his post-traumatic madness he would rather go back to the old methods: tar and feathers, forgetting that these barbaric and partial proceedings have caused more than their shares of judiciary errors.

For Boisvenu, a non-elected senator, lacking any credibility, Harper’s sad puppet, it is acceptable for officials to intervene with the course of justice even though the separation of executive, legislative and judiciary power is the very foundation of our society.

Senator Bienvenu, please refrain in the future from mingling in the current affairs of our province. Please content yourself with your Soap Box across the Ottawa river until you get back to your senses. Come back to the first aim of your cause, to support and help victims and their families, but move away from these topics where your words cause more problems than they resolve.


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