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Kyoto My Love

Posted on | November 29, 2011 | No Comments

Peter Kent, ironic minister for the environment in the Conservative cabinet, believes the Kyoto protocol to be outdated. Leaguing with the usual allies (Russia and Japan, originally opposing the treaty as well) the minister wants all country to contribute equally in the fight against carbon emissions.

Flashback to 2002 : Canada officially became the 99th country to ratify the protocol. Then in 2005 the protocol officially became valid once all necessary conditions had been met (with Russia finally joining in as well). The announcement is made at the Montreal conference where then liberal minister for the environment Stephan Dion had happily renamed his dog in honour of the protocol.

9 years later circumstances have changed somewhat. The same old economic arguments have been brought back to the bargaining table, aiming mostly to hinder the manufacturing leverage of developing countries and to artificially protect advanced economies. Incidentally the countries who had favoured such a stance in 1997, when the negotiations began, included Russia, Japan, Canada and the USA: 4 out of the 7 biggest polluters on the planet. Their chief target was obviously China, the world’s second greenhouse gases producer.

Minister Kent’s argument actually remind me of this old joke : a driver is given a speeding ticket. He justifies himself to the policeman, stating that he was only following traffic. When the police observe that there are no other cars on the road, the driver cries out: “Of course, they all sped way past me!” The conservative arguments basically pretends that there is nothing wrong with polluting like there is no tomorrow, claiming that other countries are way ahead of us. This is complete nonsense.

Unfortunately, there is no international police force to arrest a government that does not respect its promises. No cop to fine the Conservatives. No angry mob to shave the heads of traitors. No control mechanism to ensure what actions do follow words (and signatures). There is only us, back at home, who can act in such a fashion, in making our opinion against the Harper government’s nefarious positions heard in every possible media.


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