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It’s the (Poor and Stupid) Children’s Fault

Posted on | December 1, 2011 | No Comments

Newt Gingrich, most highly favoured Republican hopeful in the investiture for his party’s candidate in the next presidential race, didn’t mince his words today. He basically declared that poor children were stupid and that in poor ghettos they didn’t learn how to work, that the only vision they had of earning cash was through illegal acts.

This follows an earlier and just as controversial statement according to which schools should get rid of unionized worker and hire instead poor students to do the work.

This vision is in line with Republican ideology claiming that in the end you only get what you deserve. If you are poor it’s your own damn fault. No matter how old you are. What does Gingrich suggest to undo the vicious circle of violence, ignorance and poverty? Forced labour, no less.

Of course he conveniently forgets all other consequences that follow discrimination of second-class students, the lesson other students will learn (it’s ok to abuse of the poor, they deserve it, they should thank us for this opportunity!). Mostly I wonder if these menial jobs will allow the kids to get a real idea of the economic value of postsecondary education: do you really want to get a Master’s degree and end up a janitor?

This would all be laughable here if Canadians Conservative with a shortage of imagination did not tend to thoughtlessly grab hold of whatever oxygen-deprived ramblings their Republican cousins tend to utter. Expect to hear this kind of speech soon in the Chamber of Commons and in the Harper Cabinet.

And go by your children a mop – it’s never too early to train them for the job!


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